The beginning

On the 14th of January 1958 the official meeting for the foundation of the association was organized in the town hall of Bruges.

The first chairman, canon J. Dochy, and the members of the board of directors were appointed in the first general meeting on the 28th of January 1959.

The articles of association were published in the Belgian Official Gazette at the end of January 1959.

-          Goals

The goals of the association are twofold: to enrich the patrimony of the museums in Bruges and to sensitize the general public in different ways to the museums and how they operate. The Friends of the Municipal Museums of Bruges support these museums in different areas.

By funding important purchases we support the expansion of their collections. We also cooperate in every possible way, f.i. by supporting the public actions and promoting cultural activities in Bruges, with special attention to the museums.

The realisation of our goals can only be made possible thanks to the number of members our association has, their financial contributions and the selfless participation of the volunteers.